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120CM automatic sensor cutting plotter
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1,High-speed transmission data rate, curve mode acceleration and deceleration design to effectively improve the accuracy of lettering and reduce the noise of cutting plotter.. It adopts linear bearing trolley, which has the advantages of high precision of cutting plotter, high temperature resistance and no deformation;

2,Use steel torsion spindle to ensure that the machine 10mm paper does not go wrong.... Support automatic contour cutting, automatic cutting function before offline;

3,With serial port + USB + U disk data communication interface, convenient for users of different needs. High-strength aluminum alloy body, streamlined design and elegant appearance;

4,Support a variety of software output, such as Coreldraw, artcut, master of carving, Flexi Signcut, Signmaster cut, etc.. Powerful adjustable knife pressure and knives soft landing function, whether drawing or lettering, can be handy

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